Built for Better, Smarter, and more efficient restaurateurs

What Is Smares POS

Built for Better, Smarter, and more efficient restaurateurs

Smart Response Android Point of Sale system built for Better, Smarter, and more efficient restaurateurs specifically for Restaurants, and Coffee Shops.

Smares Android POS is easy to use, simple setup steps, with detailed sales reports, and the ability to access your business data anytime, anywhere, via any device, in addition to best customer care of experts 24/7.

The most Reliable, Safest, Fastest, and Real-Time Operation Updated Point of Sales System

In Coffee shops

Smares POS provides special flavour of system with all features to suites diverse types of coffee shops. Coffeehouse, Coffee Trucks to Drive Thru.

Cashier POS, and Portable POS, Smart Menu in addition to Customer Voice, Order, and Loyalty Program as one system to achieve most remarkable visit story.

In Restaurants

Smares POS provides customized and specific features that suite all types of restaurants from fast food to fine dining.

Cashier POS, and Portable POS, Kitchen Display System, in addition to Customer Voice and Order are waived to contribute in Restaurants Success story.

Smart Menu

Smart Menu

New Generation of Menus that increases your sales by 30%, and creates high hospitality experience for tourists, and guests.

Point of Sales

Raise Productivity, Increase Profits, and Facilitate Restaurant operations with an Android POS system that create remarkable visit experience.

Kitchen Display System

Simplify kitchen communication, timing and processes, to increase kitchen efficiency, reduce mistakes, and enhance quality of service.

Customer Voice

Build Customer Focused Business, Improve Guest Satisfaction, and Take Customer based Decisions through Customer Voice Solution.

Customer Voice

Customer Order

Enrich Customer Order Experience, and provide customer loyalty program to your guest by letting them place their order through their smartphones with one snap!

Customer Order

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Discover All Features

Smares Maps

Get a notification for the nearest restaurants, hotels and facilities which support "Smares" while you are wandering

Customer Privacy

Think and discuss the meal you will have with friends, and get the freedom of getting your request without the pressure of the waiter waiting for you.

Multi Languages

Do not worry of the waiter's language quality, or the misunderstanding which could happen between both of you. The meals names will be in your languages, which ever it is. We are supporting more than 50 languages.

Monitoring Request States

if your meal is late, no need to ask the waiter about it, just look at your Smart phone to know the status of you meal (cooking, about deliver or done)

Appealing UI

Be the first one which using the appealing UI and get the enjoyment with each use

Requests Management

Give the waiter the ability to immediately receive the requests from the customers and start responding to it immediately, Saving the waiter time and let him/her be able to server more requests.

Sessions Management

Determine a table which taken by a group, and start to add and modify their requests with great flexibility

Requests Notifications

Notify the waiter with the new requests by using cutting edge, real time technologies, to avoid any delay

Kitchen Surveillance Unit

The special kitchen monitor display the customer requests and the time elapsed for each request, with changing color notification for the late request

Processing & Achieving Requests

Give the kitchen the ability to change the requests status and deliver it to waiter, to be delivered to the customer just in time

Full Control

Full control and management of the full restaurant, hotel or facility, with the central management unit, and even have control over the waiter and the service which is delivered.

Full Surveillance

Monitor all the customer requests, kitchen delivery speed, customer services and more, all through the central monitor unit in the management app.

Data and Analytical Reports

Observe, monitor and analyse the data of the requests and service in your restaurant, hotel, facility with specified period (daily, weekly, monthly, and even annually)

Identity Customizability

Flexibility of customizing all the restaurant, hotel, facility information, even the contact information, moto, cover page, meals images and services to make the client app suite for visual identity of the facility.

Support Discounts

Ability to define discount for special meals in specific date and time to display them clearly on the client app.

Sections & Suites

Divide the restaurant, hotel, facility, to subsections and suites to give the organization flexibility between the cadre, therefore each customer request goes to the person which is responsbile for their service.

Cadre & Human Management

Define, enable, deactivate one of the cadre through the central control unit dedicated for the cadre and employees management

Items & Categories Management

Define meals,customize their ingredients, properties and even their categories in the restaurant menu, all through the central unit dedicated for the items management.

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