Kitchen Display System

Extend communication and operations, increase the efficiency of work, reduce errors in kitchens and improve the quality of hospitality provided with smares kitchen display system.


Enrich your business with new ideas and technologies for your kitchen system.

Accuracy & speed execution of orders

Smares Kitchen display system enhances communication between the three demand parties of the customer, the captain and the kitchen where the customer's request is transferred to the kitchen simultaneously without any need for verbal communication.

Optimal distribution of work

Smares distributes the kitchen display system to work on any crew depending on the specialty and type of meal, allowing each chef to focus on the quality of work and the speed of presentation.

Raise indicators of success

Deliver meals faster and more accurately directly affect the rate of waste and customer satisfaction, which enhances sales rates in the restaurant, as well as maximize the productivity of the kitchen to increase the focus and effort to implement the orders as a production line.

Core Features

Process multiple meals to allow higher speed of implementaion.


Ability to customize video and audio notification for kitchen crew.

Direct requests to staff by meal type and kitchen.


Ability to connect a network printer with the kitchen screen.

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